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Character Appearances


It includes 

  • Meet and Greet with all the guests with lots of photo opportunities. 

  • Cake presentation (cake not supplied). 

  • Pixie dust wish with the Birthday child. 

  • Small gift and card.


We also have a portable sound system so can supply music for the duration. 

If groups are small, one/two games can be played to make sure time is maximised. 


A host will also arrive to the event (at no extra cost). This is to assist with music to create a magical atmosphere, to help with guests and crowd management, and to introduce and assist the Character. 


All performers are DBS checked. 

One Character

30 minutes- £80

45 minutes- £95

1 hour- £110

Additional Character

30 minutes- +£30

45 minutes- +£40

1 hour- +£50

Avaliable Characters 

Ice Queen

Ice Princess

Tower Princess

Rose Princess

Red Apple Princess

Glass Slipper 

Sleeping Princess



Prince Charming

Peter Pan


Captain America


Peppa Piggy

Warm Hug Snowman

Iggly and Oopsy

Maybe have a Character join one of our Storyteller Hosts for a special Storytime.
Find out more 

Disclaimer: Our characters are not affiliated, licensed or associated with any corporation or trademark. We do not own the rights to these characters.

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