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Party in a Parcel


Great for children celebrating at home and wanting to treat them to something special. Aimed at children ages 3-9.

This exciting parcel is packed full of sweets, gifts, crafts and games.

Personalised for the child and hours of fun inside.

It comes in two themes:

- Princess

- Superhero

Only £7.95 Each

Sweet Cones


Our Sweet Cones make great party bags!

Stress free!

1-9 Cones - £2.00 Each

10+ Cones - £1.75 Each

20+ Cones - £1.50 Each

30+ Cones- £1.25 Each

40+ Cones - £1.00 Each

Big Kids Parcel


Ideal care package for friends, family and collegues.


This lovely parcel includes something for the recipient to

'Eat, Drink and Do':

Coffee, Sweets and Notebook/Colouring pages.

A wonderful, thoughtful surprise for whoever you chose to send it to.

As Peter Pan would say 'Never grow up!'

Only £6.95 Each

Letters from Tinkerbell


These letters are personalised and posted directly to the lucky child.

This super special gift includes:
Personalised Letter
Magnifying Glass
Jar of Pixie Dust

A few questions will be asked at the time of booking to make sure the letter is perfect!

Only £4.95 Each

Sugar Boxes


These Sweet Boxes are perfect for a extra special treat! Filled with chewy sweets and lollies!

1-5 Boxes - £3.50 Each

5-10 Boxes - £3.25 Each

10-15 Boxes - £3.00 Each

15-20 Boxes- £2.75 Each

20+ Boxes- £2.50 Each

Free Delivery within the UK

 for Orders and Enquires!